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by, Jeff Charlton
Author, Real Estate Postcard Marketing’s Best Kept Secrets

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Charlton. Maybe you haven’t heard of me before but trust me, once you read this you’ll be glad you did.

I have worked in the direct mail industry for over a decade. I have helped countless Real Estate agents succeed by creating winning real estate postcard marketing campaigns.

Are you one of the millions of people struggling to get your real estate marketing campaign off the ground?

Are you interested in learning how to create a successful postcard marketing campaign from the ground up, even with little or no experience in postcard marketing?

One of the first things I discuss with real estate agents is they type of marketing campaign they are currently doing. Typically they pull out some old postcards they mailed out once or twice a year ago.

Most of the postcards I see have the following in common:

  • They are boring

  • They follow the exact same formula

  • They are copies of each other without making an offer or a call to action.

When designing real estate postcards, you need to come up with an original, well-thought and powerful marketing strategy that makes people sit up and take notice…

How do you make people sit up and notice? First you have to recognize why other agents fail…

Why Most Real Estate Marketing Campaigns Fail
What I’ve noticed over the years is most real estate agents are frustrated. They feel frustrated because most real estate postcard marketing campaigns fail.

Why would you want to get in on a business that fails? Most postcard marketing campaigns fail because the real estate agents behind them don’t take the time needed to learn how to perform a successful real estate marketing campaign.

When done correctly, a real estate marketing campaign can achieve outstanding results.

Here’s why other agents fail:

  • They copy other real estate postcards without understanding what makes them work.

  • Their postcards receive mediocre response rates because they are carbon copies of everyone else’s real estate postcard campaigns.

  • Response times are generally slow, so most realtors give up before their campaigns ever really get started.

  • Most real estate agents are lazy and not willing to put in the time needed to make their campaign a stunning success…

You can avoid the failure other real estate agents experience by following a few key real estate postcard strategies.

Here’s how. You can save time, your hard earned money and energy by shortening your learning curve and discovering what successful real estate postcards are made of. How do you do that?

Announcing a new and innovative guide to real estate postcard marketing campaigns:

Real Estate Postcard Marketing’s
Best Kept Secrets

Learn Everything It Takes To Create A Winning Real Estate Postcard Marketing Campaign
(while saving time and your hard earned money)

Here is what you will learn when you invest in this innovative guide:

  • How to initiate a winning postcard marketing campaign from the ground up.

  • How to incorporate your business goals into your marketing planning.

  • How to create and develop eye popping headlines to enhance your efforts.

  • How to create postcards that offer your clients an idea of the “big picture.”

  • The #1 tactic for getting your real estate marketing campaign off the ground.

  • Tips for avoiding the common failures experienced by other real estate agents.

  • Gain samples of dozens of winning postcard designs you can copy and use.

  • And MUCH MORE!

Real estate postcard marketing is a tool you can use to advertise yourself. You can choose from several postcards to help promote you. The key is highlighting your accomplishments to achieve outstanding results.

There is a learning curve involved with creating successful real estate marketing campaigns. I’ve done the work for you so you don’t have to. What I’ve done is compile all the information you need in one easy-to-find and comprehend place.

When you invest in your copy of Real Estate Postcard Marketing’s Best Kept Secrets, you’ll:

  • Learn how you can use real estate postcard strategies to attract a wider audience and tap into a larger market….

  • Discover how to create a marketing message and embed it effortlessly within your postcards to garner a higher response rate from your audience…

  • Create a high-perceived value among your target audience, so they are more likely to request your services…

  • Find out how you can improve your current real estate marketing campaign to attract more business and make more money…

  • Learn how to design winning real estate postcards, or just copy our own winning designs…

Use my proven, tested and winning designs in your own marketing campaign, just copy and paste…

If you think you are going to stay in front of your prospects through personal contacts alone, you are doomed to fail.

Successful real estate marketing agents know personal contact alone is limiting and time consuming. Mass marketing campaigns are extremely expensive and cost-prohibitive.

The best way to stay in front of clients and win them over time and time again is through a real estate postcard marketing campaign. Plain and simple.

Now there is a simple way you can learn how. For a limited time I am able to offer this guide for the low introductory price of just $35.97. For your tiny investment, you’ll receive your copy of the one-of-a-kind real estate postcard-marketing guides out there.

Here’s what other real estate agents are saying:

“My comprehensive real estate postcard marketing program is a huge factor in my success. My sales more than doubled when I started mailing postcards regularly every year. I now do approximately $60 million every year. This is a great program. Thanks! – Kathy Irvine, St. Louis

“I will always use this system. It provides three things I need: Consistency, outstanding quality and competitive rates. Thank you Jeff!” – Amanda K. Stefansson, Director of Marketing

“Your method allows me to create wonderfully designed and tasteful cards. Other agents in my office just love my cards. I passed out your book to the entire office, so you’ll probably see some new orders from other agents very soon. I look forward to a great response each time. Thanks again!” – Eddie Gonzalez

“I paid 12k for similar information elsewhere and it was absolutely useless. Thanks again for providing a real product.” – Julie

“It is hard to know where to start, there are so many aspects of service that go beyond the day-to-day. The two major things I see that stick out in my mind are customer service and input. You can improve the quality of your work and your job by using this program.” – Leonard H., Husche & Eppenberger, LLC


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Learn how to reach out to your farm using proven techniques, and by designing the best real estate marketing postcards known to man.

That’s not all. As a thank you for placing your faith in me, I’m going to go one step further and offer you even more.

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Free Bonus #1: Real Estate Postcards FAQ

Over the last 10 year’s I’ve compiled hundreds of questions from other real estate agents.

Some have to do with postcard marketing specifically, while others have to do with marketing in general.

Are you interested in learning:

  • The number one way to connect with your audience?

  • How to design a winning postcard effortlessly?

  • Where to find quality printers to work with when creating your postcards?

Here you’ll find a list of questions and answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about real estate marketing and postcard marketing, in one convenient location.

You could spend hours surfing the net for answers, or take advantage of this free guide!

Free Bonus #2: The Secrets Behind Customer Drive Marketing

Learn what it takes to create a customer driven campaign.

Whether engaging in postcard marketing or any other direct mail campaign, learn how to entice your customer right from the start, the right way.

Many real estate agents fail for the simple reason they do not understand how to entice their customer. They focus on trivial matters, matters than may drive a customer away.

Today’s customer is knowledge savvy. You have to learn quickly how to identify with your customer. You must learn:

  • What your customer’s needs are.

  • What benefits you can provide them.

  • What distinguishes your service from all the others.

Our bonus guide can help you create a dynamic real estate postcard marketing campaign that focuses on your customer.

Learn how to use word of mouth advertising to complement your postcard marketing campaign and skyrocket your client base.

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Wishing you the best in your real estate adventures,

Jeff Charlton

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